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Customer service

Something is not clear to you when looking at the website? Or will you book something at that could be improved? Bring us accordingly! Then you will help to improve our product and service. You can send your comments by email. You can also send a letter to, customer service department, Folkertsgreft 2, 8551 RM to Woudsend.

Complain about conclusion of agreement
If you have a complaint regarding the conclusion of an agreement? Report this complaint within one month after notice of the facts on which the complaint relates with us. We give at least 14 days after receipt of the complaint in writing a detailed response.

Complaint about the accommodation
If you come during your stay in one of our accommodations something what could be improved? Please directly contact the tour operator / provider. Contact details can be found in the travel documents. Observe the applicable conditions of the tour operator / supplier and the following general provisions:

• If you notice any errors or omissions during your stay or complaints about accommodation, please contact the landlord, manager or key holder. Take this no or insufficient action, please directly contact the tour operator / provider. Contact details can be found in your travel documents.

• Make sure you have complied with reporting and complaint reporting. If the tour operator / supplier has not been made to rectify the shortcoming, any right to compensation may be limited or excluded accordingly the opportunity.

Are your complaints not resolved to your satisfaction, you can submit your complaint to the Adjudication Committee of IDIS

 * On our services, the right of withdrawal excluded.
Travel agreements are an exception to the "Distance Selling Act" and therefore do not qualify for a right of withdrawal (cooling-off period ') of 14 days.

All prices include VAT. You can pay through IDEAL, credit cards or Internet banking.